Custom Lace Wigs: The Different Types

Posted on: 21 April 2023

Lace wigs are known for their natural appearance, as the lace base allows for the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. They are popular among celebrities, hairstylists, and individuals looking for a quick and easy solution for hair loss or a style change. Here are four popular types of custom lace wigs.

Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wigs are the crème de la crème of lace wigs. They are made entirely of lace, with individual hair strands hand-tied to the lace base. This construction allows for complete versatility in styling.

These wigs are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, making them a popular choice for those seeking a natural and undetectable hair solution. However, they tend to be more expensive due to the intricate craftsmanship required.

Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are a more affordable alternative to full lace wigs. These wigs feature a lace base at the front of the wig, with the rest of the wig constructed from a different, more durable material like wefts or a monofilament base.

The lace front creates a natural-looking hairline, while the wefted or monofilament construction provides additional support and structure. These wigs can still be parted at the front and offer a range of styling options, but they lack the complete versatility of full lace wigs.

360 Lace Wigs

360 lace wigs offer a middle ground between full lace and lace front wigs. They feature a lace base that extends around the entire circumference of the wig, allowing for more styling options, such as high ponytails and updos, without revealing the wig's construction.

The rest of the wig is typically made from wefted or monofilament material, providing a balance of versatility and durability. Three-sixty lace wigs are ideal for those who want a more versatile wig than a lace front but are not ready to invest in a full lace wig.

U-Part Lace Wigs

U-part lace wigs are designed for those who want to blend their natural hair with the wig seamlessly. These wigs feature a U-shaped opening at the top, which allows the wearer to leave a portion of their natural hair out.

The exposed hair is then blended with the wig's hair, creating a flawless integration. U-part lace wigs are perfect for those who want to add length, volume, or try a new hair color without committing to a full wig or damaging their natural hair with chemicals.

Reach out to a retailer if you're ready to buy custom-made lace wigs.